The range of applications of the new Becker Technologies leak-tester covers the control of filled:

As well as the detection of:


The advantages of this new technique, successfully employed in several semi-automatic testers for the pharmaceutical industry are:

ImageMeasuring Principle

Polyethylene cartridges, vials and other containers, seals etc. can be leak tested reliably by the new technique developed by Becker Technologies. The method bases on the fact, that traces of volatile substances, e.g. from aqueous or alcoholic solutions are evaporated and released under vacuum and change the plasma properties of a gas discharge. Luminescence of the plasma decreases depending on the quantity and type of released contaminants. Luminescence is measured via a special photo sensor. Leaking cartridges, vials or other samples releasing volatile traces are indicated by missing a certain defined signal threshold. Depending on the application and the required accuracy, the threshold for the "leak-criteria" can refer e.g. to gravimetrical (loss of mass per time interval), biological (no penetration of pathogens) germs or other standards. (See also Pharm. Ind. 61, 369-371 (1999)).

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