Using the microwave

By employing microwaves in vacuum, it is possible to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and almost all other groceries in a high quality and cost effective way and thus making them ready as snacks or to be used in instant food preparations.

After years of development work in our laboratory, microwave-drying-stations are now being employed in industrial applications, throughout Europe. The MP100 Microwave-Station product line, for example has an average capacity of 100 kg/h dry matter, which corresponds to 1500 kg/h fresh groceries or raw material input.

Using a special combination of air-drying and the microwave-vacuum-drying, our drying process is much gentler than the other conventional drying techniques.

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The new drying concept

The new drying concept consits of three successive sub-steps. First, the surface of the product is dried and the form stabilized by the help of convective drying.

In the second step, the product is exposed to the vacuum and the microwave field. The inner cell structure is cracked open (puffing) and the outer form remains stable.

During the third step the remaining water is extracted either by using a convective belt dryer or a vacuum belt dryer until the desired amount of moisture inside the product is achieved.

The new Microwave-Vacuum-Puffing process offers the following advantages

Drying Products In The Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries

Due to its advantages, being both gentle towards even the most sensitive products and rapid in its drying process - microwave heating is replacing classical heating techniques in many technical areas. Until today, the technical usage of microwaves yielded often the risk of uneven heat distribution inside the dry material which results into unsatisfactory quality. This problem can be solved with the unique Becker Technologies development approach as was demonstrated successfully by a prototype food product line.

Therefore Becker Technologies can offer great microwave drying equipment tailored to customer specific requirements by today.